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In the Mirror [spiritual practices]

Lee Greyfeather_preachingThis week’s spiritual practice is a suggestion from Lee Greyfeather’s sermon last Sunday  (June 7, 2015).  Lee, who is Mi’kmaq, is both a traditional shaman and an Anglican.

“Before I go to bed, I look in the mirror and I think of all the things I’ve done that day.  I ask myself, ‘is there something that I could have done better?’ There is always something. So I go and make another effort. I find I sleep better, and I say a prayer thanking my grandmother and the Creator for all who have taught me.”

You might wish to compare this with the traditional  Examen  where the gratitude generally comes at the beginning.  Why not try them both and see which produces the best fruit?

If you have prayerfully decided on a particular course of action, the Examen is useful in weighing the movements of the spirit specifically in relation to that chosen practice or direction. Where are you most aware of God’s presence with you, in it?  Where do you feel farthest away?

Thank you, God, for each other and for all our teachers!

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