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Season of New Life [spiritual practice]

Here’s a meditation offered by Sally Harrington Philippo during last weekend’s retreat, LIVING THE LIFE OF PRAYER.

A teacher gave this homework:

“Find an unnoticed flower somewhere outdoors and study it. Look carefully at its petals.  Its leaves. Its colours. Turn it over and observe the underside of it.  As you do, remember that this is your flower.  It might have gone unappreciated and unseen had you not found and admired it. Make a drawing or write a description of it.”

flower and mothThe next day, after the students turned in their reports, the teacher said:

“People are like  your flower. Each is unique. But you have to study them carefully to know this. So many people go unappreciated because no one takes the time to admire their uniqueness.  Each of you is a masterpiece of God. There wasn’t anyone like you before; there won’t be anyone like you again.”

What do you like most about yourself?

What might God like most about you?

Take time to draw or journal what you discover as you pray over these questions.

Love shares itself. So this is a good time to remember the Anglican Communion’s fifth Mark of Mission – “…to sustain and renew life on earth.”  Earlier this year the Montreal Stewardship of the Environment Committee launched a blog a Facebook page and a twitter account to help raise awareness about environmental issues and provide a platform for action across the diocese.  Have a look, prayerfully, at these links:

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