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When Christians Say Yes to War – Presentation by Dr. Marc Lalonde

Can inaction be considered violence?
If violence is inevitable given human nature, how do we contain war?
What is the relationship between War and Peace?
How can we make just decisions about war when we can no longer trust those in authority?


These are a few of the questions asked by the audience at When Christians Say Yes to War,  the first of the Cathedral’s four-part series, What Shall We Say to War?  

Dr. Marc Lalonde, from the Department of Religion at Concordian University, provoked such questions with his very interesting presentation on the just war tradition and the ways in which religion and violence interact.  His talk can be heard here, following a brief introduction by the Rev’d Dr. Donald Boisvert.

Join us on from 7-9pm on Wednesday, May 6th for the second part of the series:
When Christians Say “No” to War with Dr. Vern Neufeld Redekop, School of Conflict Studies, Saint Paul University 1444 avenue Union, 2nd Floor

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