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Why the Earth Won’t Green Without Us [spiritual practice]

imgresFranciscan theologian Ilia Delio writes: “We belong by birth to this cosmos which is our home. If human nature is changing with technology then, in a sense, all of nature is changing or at least being affected by technology. That is, technology is evoking new patterns of relatedness which now include an artificial device. Hence, we need an operative definition of IT as “intentional technology. Until we come to grips with the technological evolution we have created and which is recreating us, there can be no true greening of the earth.” Reading this online, you are invited to realize the connection – or disconnection. Her challenging essay adds a vital dimension to our parish’s Lenten Carbon Fast. When did you last spend time off-line? What difference did it make for you? Can you fashion a regular technological Sabbath or even a technological retreat of a day or longer?


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