Retreat Update: Sally Harrington Philippo is guest speaker

Sally Harrington Philippo

Sally Harrington Philippo will be our guest speaker during the Cathedral’s forthcoming Retreat. Places remain for the full retreat; you may also elect to sign up for a one-day Quiet Day on either Friday May 1, or Saturday May 2.

Sally has been a spiritual director for more than l5 years; she is accredited by both the Anglican and Catholic bishops and has led workshops and retreats with a special emphasis on prayer all over the Anglican Diocese of Montreal and in Ottawa. She is the founder of Le Sanctuaire Vita Nova, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of God’s loving presence all around us by offering workshops, one-on-one counseling, and retreats to people of all ages and across many Christian denominations.

Sally is the owner and manager, with her husband Jan, of RiverCross Performance Horses, breeding beautiful horses for the show ring and exhibiting them all over the North American continent.

Her particular interest lies in helping people to become aware of how much they are loved by God. She is awestruck by the beauty of nature and of all creatures great and small. Her greatest nourishment is reading Scripture and helping others find the treasure therein. She is also a trained pastoral visitor.



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