Excellent, thoughtful preaching is a hallmark of the Cathedral’s liturgical life.

We believe very strongly in the word of God as dynamic and engaging—a word meant to transform us in profound ways. Reading sermons, praying or meditating with them, sharing and talking about them can all be ways of deepening your faith.

The Cathedral’s preachers include its regular clergy and also lay people and occasional visitors. Here, you will find links to sermons preached throughout the liturgical year. You can read texts of sermons, listen to them, or do both at once.


What if Jesus had said no?

GOOD FRIDAY 2017—SERMON—Rev. Dr. D.L. Boisvert          In the name of the one, holy and undivided Trinity: Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.  Amen.          Ask yourself the question.  What if Jesus had said no?  What if he had chosen not to die on the cross?  He certainly could have done that.  Like all of us, he […]

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Which procession will you follow?

Palm Sunday      April 9, 2017               Mt 21 :1-11 Ride on King Jesus! Palm Sunday is a time to welcome Jesus as our King. Although, we are celebrating, we all know that it precedes a week that will eventually lead to the Cross. Even today, we will end our service with the Passion story. We […]

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Starting Passiontide on a Learning Curve

Starting Passiontide on a Learning Curve Ezekiel 37:1-14 Psalm 130 Romans 8:6-11 John 11:1-45   Today we stand at the beginning of the two week period called Passiontide, leading in to Holy Week and Easter. That’s why the crosses and some of the statues are veiled, today. It encourages us to turn our thoughts to […]

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“I Am Joseph”

It was an incredibly nerve-wracking three days.  If any of you have ever lost a child for any period of time, you know how upsetting and frightening it can be.  Can you imagine three whole days? Yet there he was, sitting calmly in the temple discussing the finer points of the Law, when his mother […]

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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday,  2017 march 1           Matthew 6:1-6,16-21 Today begins our season of Lent. A time to prepare ourselves for our Easter celebration. But before we get to Easter, like Jesus in the wilderness who was tempted for 40 days, we too are called to face our demons, to face our dark side, the […]

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When were you transfigured?

February 26 2017 CCC TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY  Mt 17 :1-9 Have you ever had a mountain top experience that really changed you? Or maybe have you ever gone through a challenging period, a hard time, that changed you dramatically? Today, that is what we are looking at, Transfiguration Sunday. We are going to look at Jesus’ transfiguration […]

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