The Rev’d Dr. Donald Boisvert

Donald joined the Cathedral clergy in 2012, where, in addition to preaching and leading worship, he plays an active role in francophone ministry, LGBTQ ministry, and education. He is a former Principal of the Montreal Diocesan Theological College.

The Rev’d Amy Hamilton

Amy attended Trinity College in Toronto and moved to Montreal in the summer of 2015. Amy is passionate about creating spaces and places for people to be able to explore who they are and who God is calling them to be.

The Rev’d Jean-Jacques Goulet

Jean-Jacques brings years of experience as a Mennonite pastor and in community-based ministries to his work at the Cathedral, where he coordinates the pastoral care of parishioners and those in need.

The Rev’d Jean-Daniel Williams

The Rev'd Jean-Daniel is the Cathedral's Associate Pastor for children, youth, families, and students. He also leads Anglican-United campus ministries at McGill and UdeM.

The Rev’d Deacon Peter Huish

Peter is a Deacon of the Diocese of Montreal serving now at Christ Church Cathedral. He has worked as a prison chaplain in the Correction Service of Canada since 1998 and is the Founder/Coordinator of MSCM (Montreal South-West Community Ministries).



Patrick Wedd

Patrick directed his first church choir at the age of 12 and has been the Director of Music at Christ Church Cathedral since September 1996. He is an active member of the music community, both within the church and beyond.

Tania Lesack


Tyson Rosberg

As Concert Rental Manager, Tyson is responsible for hiring the cathedral out to orchestras, choirs and musicians who wish to present a concert in the cathedral, or hire rehearsal space. Tyson is also an assistant verger.    

Catherine St Arnaud

Catherine is the manager of the weekly concert series ‘L’Oasis Musicale’ at the Cathedral and at St. Georges, Place du Canada.

Nicholas Capozzoli

Robert Hamilton

John Cavacece

Jeffrey Mackie

Rod Roberts

Lay Leaders

Donna Riley

Donna is currently the Rector's Warden (appointed by the Dean in 2014). She is also an active member of the Cathedral Reading Group.

Les Stutzman

Les currently serves as the People's Warden, having been elected at the 2016 General Vestry meeting. He is an active member of the Cathedral bell ringing group.

Donna Jean-Louis

Donna was elected as a Deputy Warden in 2016. She is active with the Cathedral Dancers, the End of the Month Lunch, the Sunday School, and the Eucharist Prayer Ministry.

Louise Lockhart

Louise was elected Deputy Warden in 2015. A member of Christ Church Cathedral since 2012, she is active in outreach and fellowship events.

Jane Aitkens

Jane has served the Cathedral as Treasurer since 2010.  Jane is active in the Reading Group, and is a steward, a member of the Chancel Guild, and the Cathedral's webmistress.

Vivian Lewin

Vivian is an accredited spiritual director and a member of the Spiritual Direction Group of the Diocese of Montreal. She is available to help members of the parish seeking this kind of support in their spiritual journeys to find a spiritual director.