Christ Church Cathedral

A spiritual oasis in the heart of Montreal : Une oasis spirituelle au coeur de Montréal

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FAQs and Urban Myths

Some Facts about the Cathedral:
  • The present Cathedral building was completed in 1859 and consecrated in 1867.
  • Christ Church Cathedral's architects were Frank Wills ( Salisbury, Eng. ) who died before construction began, and Thomas S Scott who was commissioned to carry out Wills' design.
  • Steeple Height : 127 feet ( 38 metres )
  • Total Height from the ground : 229 feet 8 inches ( 70 meters )
  • Length of the Nave : 112 feet ( 34 metres )
  • Total Length of the buiding : 203 feet ( 62 metres )
  • Total Width : 109 feet ( 33 metres )

The Arms of Christ Church Cathedral were granted to it in 1989, though its motto ...

crest" Christus Vera Vitis " (Christ the true Vine)

... goes right back to the beginning of the parish. The motto and the design of the Arms, based on the words of Jesus in St John's Gospel, signify that the present day church is part of an historical community which is rooted in Christ through the Eucharist.

Some Urban Myths about the Cathedral:
  • The Cathedral was "raised up" during the construction in the late 1980's.
FALSE - a quote from the engineering company: "The delicate and possibly strained condition of the building required an approach that would not allow any appreciable movement during or after the implementation stage ... (it was executed) successfully with movements never exceeding 3/16 inch ..."
  • The Fulford Monument on the "south" lawn is the old steeple
FALSE - The Fulford monument was a gift to the Cathedral by the Diocese, in memory of the first Diocesan Bishop, Francis Fulford (bishop from 1850 to 1868). The stone steeple, weighing 3.5 million pounds, was removed in 1927. It was not until 1940 that a replica steeple made entirely of aluminium was erected as an anonymous gift.

Trivia - newspaper clippings

Montreal fanfare salutes Astronaut Julie Payette (from The Montreal Gazette? May 27, 1999)



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