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  • PrayerWeek_EN

    All Together Now [spiritual practice]

    During this Week for Christian Unity, take a moment to meditate with the worldwide church on Jesus’ visit to Samaria, where he asked for water (français ici).  The theme for this year is Water–proposed by the church in Brazil, a country experiencing unprecedented drought right now. Here’s a meditation by a

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    Week of January 21

    Here at the Cathedral we indeed worship together, but we also eat together and work together! This Sunday the Last Sunday of the Month Lunch which feeds over 200 needy people is being  generously given by Miss Edgar’s and Miss Cramp’s School and Mazon Canada: The National Jewish Response to

  • 3faiths

    Meditation Talk: Difference, Respect, and Silence

    Beth Adams gave this talk on January 13, 2015. Some years ago, I was sitting with my new friend Shirin, waiting for a movie to start. It was around the time of 9/11. We were looking at an issue of the campus newspaper, and on the front there was the

  • Paul and Ghassan_2015

    Rooted in the Most High – Paul’s message from the Holy Land

    I write this from the Sea of Galilee where the weather is wet and a little dreary.  The lush green hills look more like the English Lake district rather than the Middle East. Yesterday, in Nazareth, was bright and sunny as we visited Christ Church Anglican parish for the Eucharist