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  • Job opportunity at the Cathedral

    The cathedral is looking for a new head verger. This is a full time position with flexible working hours and a salary plus benefits. The general responsibilities are to •             Create, maintain and monitor the interior and exterior environments of the Cathedral and surrounding grounds to be a safe, welcoming

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    Oscar Romero [spiritual practice]

    If you were in the Cathedral on Good Friday in 2013, you may have seen the Cathedral Dancers depicting how Oscar A. Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, was mourned and venerated after he was assassinated while celebrating Mass. Romero had been selected as Archbishop because he was thought to be suitably conservative and “safe” at

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    Week of May 21

    Because Sunday will celebrate Pentecost, the theme of the letter this week is new beginnings; beginnings which embrace cleansing, reconciliation and hope for the future, all under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Cleansing will start with a clean-up of the church grounds on Saturday at 10 am. We are

  • war within

    The War Within

    [A talk by Beth Adams given on Tuesday, May 12, 2015, to introduce Contemplative Prayer at Christ Church Cathedral] This spring, the cathedral community is grappling with questions about war and peace during a special series of presentations and discussions. War and violence are present throughout the Bible and our liturgy: