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  • 2013-03-29 12.42.16

    Lent at the Cathedral

    Lent is a season of preparation and reflection as we prepare to once again receive the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  It is a time for acknowledging our human frailty and our deep need for the constant presence of God.  It is a time for focusing our attention on

  • jmain

    Contemplative Prayer: Paying Attention to Ourselves

    [Beth Adams' talk on February 24, 2015]   Some of you knew John Main OSB, who brought contemplative prayer to many people in Montreal. He was born in Ireland, and though he had wanted to become a priest, instead became a lawyer, and was posted to the Far East with the British

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    Week of February 26

    If you have been around the building lately you will be well aware that we are celebrating Nuit blanche from 6pm until 2 am this Saturday Railings and chairs have been taken out of the St John of Jerusalem chapel in readiness for the art exhibition featuring paintings and photographs,

  • Gaby Crucifix 2014

    Creation [spiritual practice]

    Last week we invited you to reflect on the creative power of God, making each of us from dust. This Saturday (Feb 28 2015) Nuit Blanche at the Cathedral showcases creativity working through us individually and in community: music, liturgy, art works, poems, film, and more. The art display will be