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    Christmas at the Cathedral * Noël à la Cathédrale

    Music and Readings for Christmas – Sunday, December 21st at 4pm. Blue Christmas: a service for when the holidays are hard – Monday, December 22nd at 6:30pm. Christmas Eve Services: Christmas Day Services:   At the Cathedral, Advent and Christmas are marked with special music and prayers as well as

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    Christmas is for those who fear

    Forget “Merry Christmas” – a more appropriate holiday greeting is “Be not afraid” (perhaps the response could be “Thank you. Nor you”)  Not only would this better capture the tone of the Christmas story, echoing the angel’s greetings to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds, it would better address the emotional

  • ...You appeared to Moses in a flame of fire and gave him the Law at Sinai...

    Spiritual practice: Pray the O’s of Advent

    Pray the O Antiphons in or with the church each evening beginning December 17. This evocative collection of images and names of the God who comes to save dates back to at least the 8th century.  Here are links to the introduction and text in Common Worship (see p. 58), and a video

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    Week of December 17

    The shepherds sing; and shall I silent be? My God, no hymn for Thee? The beginning of this Christmas poem by George Herbert is a call to join in the joyful worship of our new-born Saviour and with “all our powers out-sing the daylight hours.” We are so lucky here