“Do you long for a new world? a world where all people are treated equally and have equal rights; a world of justice for women and men, for children and seniors together, for gay, lesbian and trans people, for refugees and strangers, for people who are still searching and for people who have discovered who they are? Do you believe in the God of grace not judgement, of hope not fear, of love not hate? If you do, then we share these values.  These are the values of Jesus. These are the values for which we, at Christ Church Cathedral, aspire.”

The Very Rev’d Paul Kennington, Dean emeritus

“God is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in them.”     1 John 4:16

Latest News

  • NUIT BLANCHE 2017 * Saturday March 4

    This will be our third NUIT BLANCHE and with three different choirs, live jazz, candlelit compline, more fair trade FREE HOT CHOCOLATE than ever before and throwback displays highlighting the 60s (imagine… read about special prayers for Expo ’67 and a funky ballet mass…)  plus a vintage NFB film featuring Leonard Cohen,

  • Newsletter, February 2, 2017

    Prayer and Action … Donald Boisvert … letter from Search Committee … pastoral emergency number  … good news re Donald Hunt … coming events … Nuit blanche & hot chocolate: help! … Anglican Church of Canada link to news. Dear Friend of the Cathedral, What to do, what to say at

  • Newsletter, January 19, 2017

    Dear Friend of the Cathedral Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Annual Vestry – Information about pledge shortfall – socks, an appeal & a meditation on giving – scaffolding ’round the chancel arches – new rate for parking passes – new opening hours for building – L’Oasis musicale – Lunch

  • Socks and Sustenance: The Why Of It

    Every January, the Social Service Society collects socks to hand out at the End-of-the-month Lunch, which now serves some 240 men and women nine months of the year. January is the toughest one, coming after Christmas, which, while tough enough for many folks, also sees the distribution of some extra goodies