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    Week of October 1

    Journées de la culture was a glorious extended celebration between Friday and Tuesday, involving many hours of work by many people. Thank you to all who volunteered their skills and their time. We had an official visitor from the organisers of the Journées de la culture on Saturday. She stayed

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    Week of Sept 23

    The Cathedral and Diocesan offices need you to pray for the still small voice of calm to be heard this coming week. There are 4 wonderful and joyful days coming up, starting on Friday with the first of 3 days celebrating Les journées de la culture and finishing with the

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    Coming Together For Refugees

    Photo: On a beach in Morocco, people take up the posture of little Aylan Kurdi, whose whose death sounded a wake-up call to the world, How are you responding personally to the refugee crisis? By endorsing  the recommendations of Canadian organizations that work with refugees, about how to ramp up our

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    Week of September 17

    I think you will feel breathless after reading about all the whirlwind of events at the cathedral during the next three weeks – so hold on to your hats and grab your agendas The winds start blowing this Sunday with three events scheduled after the end of the 10am Eucharist,