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    Lent at the Cathedral

    Lent is a season of preparation and reflection as we prepare to once again receive the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  It is a time for acknowledging our human frailty and our deep need for the constant presence of God.  It is a time for focusing our attention on

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    An “Open Door” at the Cathedral

    Robert has attended Open Door meetings every Tuesday evening since meetings started in September 2001 (except for a couple of health-related absences) -   much as many of you, and I, have been at church every Sunday morning for many years. The principal likeness is that for many who attend, Open

  • jmain

    Contemplative Prayer: Paying Attention to Ourselves

    [Beth Adams' talk on February 24, 2015]   Some of you knew John Main OSB, who brought contemplative prayer to many people in Montreal. He was born in Ireland, and though he had wanted to become a priest, instead became a lawyer, and was posted to the Far East with the British

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    Week of February 26

    If you have been around the building lately you will be well aware that we are celebrating Nuit blanche from 6pm until 2 am this Saturday Railings and chairs have been taken out of the St John of Jerusalem chapel in readiness for the art exhibition featuring paintings and photographs,