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    Announcement: Advent and Christmas * L’Avent et Noël

    Advent is the season before Christmas.  It begins four Sundays before Christmas Day – this year, the first Sunday of Advent is November 30th. Christmas begins on December 25th and lasts for 12 days (you may be familiar with the song). At the Cathedral, Advent and Christmas are marked with

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    Spiritual Practice: Take Time To Review

    For Christians, Advent begins a new year. At the start, a prayerful, honest review can be transformative. Take a moment to reflect, in God’s light, on the last 12 months—you can decide to focus on your personal situation your community, or your world. The Examen prayer is traditional—you can make

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    Week of November 26

    We were excited to learn last week that our exciting and ambitious programme for La Nuit blanche à Montreal (February 28) has been accepted by the organisers. One of our planned events is an exhibition of art and photography when we hope to show off the creative talents of our

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    La lumière viendra * The light will come

    by Paul Kennington, Dean The Cathedral has become a darker place – literally, not spiritually! Four of our stained glass windows have been removed for repair and the holes they have left behind have been boarded up. Our windows are particularly lovely and 80% of the work is being funded